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How are grinding wheels defined?


Standard grinding wheels are defined by three separate pieces of information. These are: -


Grinding wheel size

The grinding wheel size is specified by quoting the dimensions of the overall diameter, wheel thickness and the bore diameter.

Diameter x Thickness x Bore

The diameter and thickness are usually specified nominal dimensions to the nearest 'mm' but the bore size specified to two decimal places. i.e.

180 x 13 x 31.75mm


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Shape and minor dimensions

Grinding wheels can be supplied in a wide range of different basic shapes. many of the most commonly used International Standard shapes are shown below.


Standard wheel shapes 1, 5 & 7 (click any of the pictures below to enlarge in a new window)
Grinding wheel shape type 1 Grinding wheel shape type 5 Type 7 grinding wheel shape

Wheel faces for types 1, 5 & 7

Grinding wheel faces for shape type 1, 3 and 5    

Standard wheel shapes 2, 3, 4, 6, 11 & 12 (click any of the pictures below to enlarge in a new window)
Grinding wheel shape type 2 Grinding wheel shape type 3 Grinding wheel shape type 4
Grinding wheel shape type 6 Grinding wheel shape type 11 Grinding wheel shape type 12

Standard wheel shapes 20 to 26 (click any of the pictures below to enlarge in a new window)
Grinding wheel shape type 20 Grinding wheel shape type 21 Grinding wheel shape type 22
Grinding wheel shape type 23 Grinding wheel shape type 24 Grinding wheel shape type 25
Grinding wheel shape type 26    

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Abrasive specification

Different grinding wheel manufactures often use slightly different methods for defining the specification of their own make of wheel. They all generally follow the same type of format using a code made up of letters and numbers relating to different features within the wheel. This code is either marked on the side of the grinding wheel, on the wheel blotter or if the wheels are too small, on an identification card which was sent with the grinding wheel.

For example: -

48A 602 K6V MRAA


64A60 H15VP

Tip: If you have this information to hand for grinding wheels you currently use it can really help us when quoting or recommending wheels. Even if the wheel you are using is not performing how you would like it to, it gives us a starting point to work from when we need to change certain characteristics of the wheel.

The specification code of the grinding wheel usually consists of six basic parts:

  • Abrasive Type
    The index for the type of abrasive grain used is shown at the beginning of the code.
  • Abrasive Size (Grit Size)
    This defines the size of abrasive grains used in the grinding wheel.
    This number can range from between 10 up to 800. The smaller the number, the coarser wheel.
  • Wheel Grade (hardness)
    This letter denotes the grade or hardness of the grinding wheel.
    The letters A to Z characterises the degree of hardness with A referring to the softest and Z as the hardest.
  • Wheel Structure (porosity)
    The structure number is shown immediately after the grade letter. This denotes the porosity of the grinding wheel. The higher the number, the more porous is the grinding wheel.
  • Bond Type
    The bond type is defined by a letter immediately after the the structure number. This is the material holding everything together and is usually either 'V' (Vitrified) or 'B' (Resinoid or resin) but there are a few others.
  • Special Coding (not always used)
    On special or 'made to order' wheels there is often an additional bit of code at the end.
    This varies between manufactures depending on their special 'recipes' used.

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